The basic premise of the subscription model means that customers are not just seen as one-off sales, but a long-term investment. As a result, retention tends to be more of a focus than acquisition within the market – something that general ecommerce brands could also learn from.

Not only is retention cheaper than acquisition, retention strategies often centre around improving the overall customer experience, largely through better customer service, seamless delivery, and offers and rewards. By concentrating on how to keep customers rather than attract them in the first place, brands are able to get back to basics and demonstrate a customer-first approach across the board.

Barkbox is one brand that strives to offer a great all-round service, reassuring customers that they’ll receive a free replacement if their dog doesn’t like something in the box. Similarly, its prominent chat option and social media buttons let people know that help is on hand at any time. Features like this are simple, but can massively help to increase the chances of retention and reduce cancellation rates.


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