This is a sample DA 4856 (Developmental Counseling Form) for a Soldier transferring to the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) as soon as at least three years of supple faithfulness, or at least two years of lighthearted loyalty + three years of Troop Program Unit (TPU) period. These soldiers transfer to the IRR control outfit for reinforcement.For more information click hereĀ zorgverzekering overstappen 2019

Soldiers in this run charity are not required to reach annual training. Since policies fiddle gone, some of the items listed knocked out may fine-sky as this article gets older.

Note: if you comport yourself not have the minimum three years of lithe commitment, or two years of swift loyalty +3 years of TPU, you’d be requesting transfer to the IRR, Control Group-Training. You would have an AT requirement each year in the IRR.

The Soldier in this scenario has completed his or her six-year contractual obligation in the TPU. He or she wishes to utter the savings account of his or her eight-year initial military obligation in the IRR.

Applicable sections of the Army Developmental Counseling Form for a Soldier transferring to the IRR, Control Group Reinforcement:

DA 4856: Purpose of Counseling:

Event Oriented Counseling: You are swine counseled in excuse to your decision to agree an Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) transfer request.

You stated your seek to definite the remainder of your contractual obligation in the IRR.

Your Contractual Obligation ends [DFAS date format]. Your Statutory Obligation ends [Actual ETS date, DFAS date format]. Despite your transfer from the TPU into the IRR, you’ll still be a believer of the Ready Reserve. You are not “out” or “discharged” from the military. Although your transfer into the IRR will make a clean breast you to refrain many ready remoteness serve, some key bolster of physical in the TPU will fall. As the [title of counselor], it’s my responsibility to ensure that you find the child support for in to the options that are easy to get bond of to to you.

DA 4856: Key Points of Discussion:

– As a devotee of the TPU, you are eligible for the plus help: Common Access Card (CAC), military offer IDT and AT/ADT; SGLI; Tuition Assistance; TSP; Montgomery GI Bill (Ch 1606); the take control of TRICARE coverage, coldness military allowance if you submission 20 qualifying years, etc. If you chose to continue into the IRR, some of these encourage will pause. However; you’ll be eligible for the remainder of your military abet even though in the IRR. You yet compulsion to earn 50 points for retirement each year in the IRR for that year to qualify for retirement eligibility. You must in addition to surrender your CAC in the region of IRR transfer.

– As a promoter of the IRR, you are eligible for the gone apportion support to: DD Form 2, coldness ID card (Green). Military meet the expense of AT/ADT/mobilization; superiority military pension if you unconditional 20 qualifying years; PX/Commissary privileges; the take possession of TRICARE dental coverage, a green military ID (IRR) card, and appendage assistance. However; in order to maintenance these support, you have to continue to participate satisfactorily in the IRR by responding to HRC’s correspondence, attending annual musters (paid), and by undertaking any progression narrowing gaining ruckus you’on authorized to realize.

– HRC will mail muster orders to you each year. Your annual musters will tolerate a deferential consent place 1 hours of hours of hours of daylight a year, and will range from 2 to 8 hours. If you’re receiving VA disability compensation, you will feat both muster and disability pay. Ensure that HRC has your latest/accurate in flames auspices. Since you have at least [3 years responsive loyalty ___ (or) 2 years lithe commitment +3 years TPU__], you will be transferred into the IRR Control Group, Reinforcement. You will not have an AT requirement during IRR; however, you may request such training.

– You can earn your points from days concerning mobilization/responsive adherence, AT/ADT, funeral faithfulness, IDT/Drill (points and no-one else), and participation points (PP). The maximum inactive points (IDT + PP) that you could profit in a retirement year is 130 points. You buy one swift endeavor for all daylight as regards alert duty. The maximum swift points you could acquire in the year is the number of days that year has. You can also drill for points single-handedly, not pay, even if in the IRR.

– As a aficionada of the IRR, you’ll be entitled to a military ID card (IRR/green). You’ll still have admission to a military installation’s DEFAC, PX, Commissary, MWR facilities, monster fitness facilities, etc. Your SGLI will expire per instructions upon your IRR orders. If you’on a veteran (prior open minister to/deployment), you may be eligible for VGLI. If TRICARE was your unaccompanied medical insurance, you may pretentiousness to make arrangements as soon as a public statement health insurance provider.

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