Custom Boxes-How to Get Them for Your T-shirt Line

Custom Boxes-How to Get Them for Your T-shirt Line

Custom packaging is a way which can set your t-shirt brand apart from others and can make it stand out. With the help of custom packaging, you can create infinite ideas for packaging your t-shirts; one thing you have to do is to think out of the box. T-shirt packaging can prove an interesting twist and can greatly influence consumer purchase decision. Creating interesting custom printed boxes for your t-shirt line is a fascinating task which can help you to expand your clothing company and introduce special goodies.

Importance of Custom Boxes for Your T-shirt line:

Using custom boxes for your t-shirts is not functional with respect to shipping purpose but it helps to enhance your brand identity and add value to the contents of the package. They provide an aesthetic view of the t-shirts making them more attractive. Packaging is the first thing with which the customer interacts as he has a look of it, so custom printed boxes serve as the best way to create an everlasting impression. There is a wide range of ideas for custom t-shirt packaging like VHS cases, poster tubes, cylindrical packaging or spray painted envelops but the most popular ones are custom boxes with logo. A great t-shirt packaging sets a perfect tone for a brand, motivating customers to talk, tweet and share their experience with their friends. Custom boxes are relatively cheap to make and worth the investment. They prove an extremely cost-effective solution to your packaging needs without adding extra for the customers. Various printing options can be incorporated on the boxes with the use of fascinating imagery, graphics and colors to add value to the product.

How to get Custom Boxes for your T-shirt Line:

Custom boxes with logo have become an important part of every product. With the growing market competition, every business must face diversified challenges to stand among the same category companies. The customized boxes used for packaging clothes, t-shirts and other related products are known as custom apparel boxes. If you have a cloth business of your own or your production is limited to merchandise like t-shirts, you need to get high-quality custom printed boxes to make your brand successful in the market. A variety of options exist which can help you to get the desired custom box for your product at maximum ease. Just you have to decide what type of box you want, what should be the printing designs on it. Whether you want to keep it simple or want die-cut windows to provide a view of the t-shirt inside. There exists a vast range of option of various style boxes which you can further customize as per your business requirements.

Implementation of printing techniques like embossing, debossing, applying a glossy or matte finish etc. can be provided effectively. In addition to purchasing these custom boxes with logo, you can also make them on your own by having a little stack of cardboard sheets in your hand. If your business has become successful and you want to extend it on large scale but a huge number of consignments to be shipped every day, the best option is to make use of a custom box making the machine. It is worth the cost and can make hundreds of custom sized boxes in a few seconds. Another option is to purchase them locally, or from some retailer or search for various online services. Below are some of the ways how to get custom boxes with logo for your t-shirt line:


  1. Purchase them locally from any craft store or a supply retailer:

One of the interesting ideas is to visit a nearby craft store and search the custom t-shirt boxes in their apparel box section. You will definitely find something according to your expectation. They are easy to assemble boxes made up of card paper which quickly pops into the desired shape. They are also safe for transportation purpose as they are designed from a durable and sturdy material. These stores provide you with high-quality custom boxes with logo at a reasonable price. They can be recycled after usage or may be used to put some other stuff. If you want custom boxes with logo in large quantity, then it is better to search for a supply retailer who can instantly provide you with custom t-shirt boxes in bulk at affordable rates.

  1. Search for large online retailers:

The options on the internet are unlimited and can provide you with a variety which you may not find in local stores. Amazon is one of the world’s largest selling stores which can provide you with almost everything you desire. You can also search other options like Wal-Mart, eBay etc. they also provide you with quality boxes. All you need is to spend a little time searching these sites to find perfect custom boxes for your t-shirt line. Another option is to visit Paper Mart.  They provide you with different style cardboard boxes in bulk to save an extra cost.

  1. Consider various online customized options:

If you want to take your business a step forward, the best option is to consider online customized options to find an ideal custom printed box for your product. Different custom box websites are operating which provides the facility of custom packaging for almost every product you can think off. You have complete command over the size, shape, color and design of the custom box. you are displayed with a vast range of custom boxes for your t-shirt line and you can choose any of them on a single click. Go for the color scheme, printing technique, graphics whatever is in your mind and the manufacturing company will provide you with the exact outcome. Die-cut patterns, transparency options and partitions etc. can be provided as per customer’s requirements.

Hope our article provides a clear understanding of how to get custom boxes with Logo for your t-shirt line. For more details refer to the following video and not forget to write your reviews.








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