All About MCA Motor Club of America

Motor Club of America offers road assistance plans 24/7, membership discounts and consistent and reliable assistance that will keep you worry free at any and all times. We are an exclusive Motor Club and travel association that serves Canada and the United States.

Motor Club Of America

Motor Club Of America

We understand how life just happens. Your battery croaks, your car is out of fuel, or you just got caught up in a minor or major collision. No matter what life has just dealt you, we understand and you can leave it all to us as we offer you consistent and reliable assistance and offer you that peace of mind that you need and want at these unwanted times.

The Motor Club of America’s membership plans allows protection that you deserve when the unexpected happens at your home and on the road. You not only get the finest emergency road services at any time of the day, but you also have the benefit of personal accident attention and emergency assistance along with dental and eye care and medication prescription discounts.

MCA has over 86 years of knowledge and experience and we will deliver the finest customer attention and provide an array of options that will fit all your individual needs.

Motor Club of America, Profitable Protection

• Motor Club Discounts: We provide an easy and convenient option to receive discounts on all of your Prescription, Vision and Dental needs. We provide you with an exclusive membership card that will allow you to receive savings up to 65% off the regular price of your personal needs.
• Roadside Assistance: Our Emergency Road Service is in extreme demand throughout the United States and Canada. With the roadside assistance, it will include 100 miles of no charge, free of cost towing, battery charge and jump, locksmith service, gas delivery and so much more!
• Start Your MCA Career: Join in with MCA Independent Sales Representative and have a career working from the comfort of your home. We are increasing our company to elevated heights and you can be the next boss in line.
Motor Club of America offers profitable security that allows you to choose from five different plans. You will be registered with TVC-MCA, once you have submitted the paperwork, then you have unlimited membership that allows you to market! You will have immediate access to your own business website without having any sign up fee, just to become a representative. What are the variations?
• $9.95-The $9.95 package requires everything to occur in a vehicle and the towing is limited to a nearby repair center. There are no options for any additional coverage on RV’s, motorcycles or trailers along with no $50,000 AD&D coverage.
• $14.95- The $14.95 package includes the above, but the exceptions are all accidents at anytime and anywhere are included. Emergency room payment is included of $150 a day for in hospital from accident related.
• $19.95- The $19.95 package includes all of the above in additional to having a 100 mile towing to any location of your choosing along with adding the $50,000 AD&D. Motorcycles, trailers and RV’s will be covered with this plan.

Some Motor Club Of America plans also provides legal services. An added bonus when you go Platinum will be adding PPO Doctor and hospital testing along with savings and discounts on your auto repairs. This profitable security will double your matrix rewards, then having allowed you free attorney consultations along with granting you rates of only $75 an hour for out of court time with an attorney. Repair and maintenance needs for your vehicle also brings added savings!