How to Safely Reuse Food Packaging?

How to Safely Reuse Food Packaging?

Repurpose anything is aesthetic activity, affiliated with creative mind and affinity with the outer environment. The main purpose to do such aghast but fascinating tasks are loved by creative ones as well as those who sincerely love to the environment and have strong emotions towards them. Such packaging of foods, which are just waste and residual for you, can be used in gardens, at kid’s room activities and at decoration tasks wisely.  Some of the tasks are described below, do it yourself now. Follow and yield mesmerizing outcomes but first understand the recycling of the box. All the food items are usually made up of two things; plastic and cardboard. Don’t think the recycle bin is the best place for the plastic residual packaging. For this just scant he recycling logo placed on the packaging, this will tell you each and everything that what you can do with it. All recycling guidelines could be traced at this logo but you need a scanner here.



  1. Plastic bottles of coke and butter jars could be used in the following ways



Check the above mentioned beverages empty bottles, they are arranged to beautify environment and provide pleasant and aesthetic sense to the eyes. What you need to do, just fill the bottles and plant them by arranging them into the rows and columns. The appropriate and uniform distance among them show the discipline as well. Oil jars and jugs could also be utilized for the same. In addition to this same size whole among all bottles provide oxygen to the plants.




  1. Glass jars looks fascinating and provide luxury look to the garden


Empty jam jars when colored, used in gardening. This is the right and favorite task, all love it equally. These empty glass jars after coloring and decoration look mesmerizing to the eyes and enhance the influence of your garden. Similarly such jars could also be used as gift boxes. Just remove the opening lids, plant same species and grow them.  Add chemical water for their survival in the jar, hang them or curate them in different disciplines.


  1. Opt as a lunch box for office




Such empty food boxes could be utilized as a lunch box, get some lunch in school or office. These are specifically designed to keep hot inside food, so these are perfect match for the lunches as well. A large number of kids use food boxes for the same purpose. Here are few challenges such residuals faced; these are not micro-wave oven proof, so be careful while using them electronically.



  1. Freeze your items for a long time



This super simple image will tell you the main titles of the story easily; waste food packaging material is utilized in the right way. Yes these transparent tubs are perfect in storing items for a long interval of time. Just wash a couple of time, put your food in, pack with the help of lids carefully and place in the fridge. Its transparent nature and clean outer surface make freezing catchy and handy. This is a smart way of freezing to adopt.




  1. As a decoration on the desk


Wow! Fabulous, you are thinking it is a very costly imported or a decoration piece purchased through wall mart store, not at all. These are just empty food jars that are arranged to appear good looking. Such hypnotizing arrangement is not a hard nut to crack, just get some antique prints through Google. Get them fold and put inside the bottle, revers the bottles and see the magic. This easiest and wonderful arrangement not only looks antique but also attracts your guest in your drawing room. In addition to this a large number of alluring and appealing arrangements could be set. Now, plan this and make your gust surprise for the very next time.


  1. Manage different colors threads inside and made them handy and attractive


Managing threads during stitching is an abstruse task for all, in order to get rid of cluttering. Used food containers help people out to curate and arrange in orders, stay away them cluttering and easily recognizable by color differentiation. This creative use and small hack is very easy to create at home. Fewer efforts are required but it fruits well while administrating. By adding lids on such jars will help you in maintaining threads brightness and shinning.



  1. Use them for gifts and pencil stands

These amazing small kids pencil sturdy stand is the outcome such creative activities, that are manage in a room by using old food containers and lids. Just get two jars, paint them beautifully, decorate them by installing embellished items and finally place them in a large size plastic lid. All this set could be place on the table and also use for decoration. In addition to this, it looks more gifts then a stand. What you need to present this to your friend; Custom boxes. Such packaging will enhance the wrapping experience and deliver the mesmerizing unwrapping experience. A lot of decoration designs could be managing by using old cartons. Moreover, kids love to do such activities in their home tasks.


  1. Kraft paper safe recycling

All food items could be utilized in better interactive activities, recycling is the major issue in this era. Kraft is considered as the most favorable and eco-friendly material of packaging. This is because of its biodegradability and Kraft nature. This last and most favorable method of safe reuse is buried. This material has the capability of mix with mud and loses its existence; contrary to this Kraft paper is able to grow a plant by dumping them under earth. Packaging engineer’s advocates and commend only Kraft material for food packaging, however, self-heating and self-cooling materials has introduced in the market. These are not limited to this but extends to a great extent and easily increase the life cycle of the inside product. All this is an evolution in food packaging.